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ActionScrambler makes protecting your published SWF Actionscript code easier than ever. It is as easy as cutting your Actionscript code to the computer's clipboard, clicking the "Alter Actionscript Code" button and pasting the protected code back into your scripting window. Compile the SWF file and upload the protected file to your website. ActionScrambler alters your code, but this protected code can still be compiled into a fully functional SWF file to upload to your website. Unexperienced Flash developers can easily extract your Actionscript code to use in their own projects with the click of a button. (I will not get into the details of how this is accomplished). If they can figure out how to download your published SWF file to their hard drive, your home-brewed Actionscript functions are theirs for the taking. Don't be a victim. Simply create a backup copy of your original unprotected FLA file, then use ActionScrambler to protect your Actionscript code. If they can understand the protected code generated by ActionScrambler, they are seasoned Actionscript programmers capable of writing your functions from scratch. Download a fully functional 30 day trial version of ActionScramber today!

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